REDSTAR TOURS. The southeast coast of Mallorca

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    Maritime excursions

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    Puerto de Cala Figuera. 07659 Cala Figuera Mallorca

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Daily departures with professional skipper from Cala Figuera port. You will cruise in a comfotable rib boat in small groups of up to eleven people. Tickets are available on board, 10 minutes prior departure. Kayak rental and special tours.


A unique tour that while cruising along the southeast coast of Majorca will take you to the unspoiled beach of Cala Marmols, accessible only by boat or after a long walk, and where you will have some time to cool off in its crystal clear water. We will depart from the picturesque port of Cala Figuera at a cruising speed towards Cala Santanyi and Es Pontás, a curious rock formation that constitutes the ancient entrance to a cave. We will continue to Caló d’es Macs, Cala Llombards and Cova des Fum. From here we will continue towards Es Calo d’es Moro and Cala S’Almunia, and we will have the opportunity to discover some of the small caves used for the smugglers  as hiding places. We emphasize the beauty of Calo des Moro with its clean turquoise waters and the charming Cala S’Almunia  with its typical fishermen’s huts and sheds. Then we will head, trough a wild coast, to the pristine beach of Cala Marmols, which is accessible only by boat or by a hiking trail. Along the way you can observe the untouched beauty of this part of the island and the interesting maritime quarries, where they use to cut sandstone blocks to be transported by sea. Once in Cala Marmols, we will have about 15 minutes to swim from the boat and enjoy this special place on the island.


The departure is from “sa Cala”, the picturesque fishing village located in the district of Santanyi. We will cruise at a moderate speed towards Cala Santanyi and the peculiar rock formation of ES PONTAS, an old entrance of a cave, today collapsed. We will continue towards Calo d’es Macs and Cala Llombards where we will discover “Sa Cova d’es fum”. On the way to Calo des Moro and Cala S’Almunia we will see other caves that were used as shelters and hideouts for smugglers and we will encounter an increasingly wild coast until reaching Calo des Moro, a beautiful little beach with crystal clear waters although quite busy during peak season. Right on the back of Calo des Moro, after stroking a rock we will find the idyllic Cala S’Almunia, which still exudes an air of yesteryear with its old fishing shacks and huts. Our visitors will have the opportunity to swim from the boat in Calo d’es Moro or Cala S’Almunia, depending on where the wind blows.


An ideal tour to explore the Sout-East of Majorca from the sea, taking you from Cala Figuera to Cala Llombards, showing you the beauty of our coast. You can experience the pleasure of a RIB boat tour, which allows you to navigate close to the coast, visiting unique places such as ES PONTAS, a rock formation reproduced by countless artists, but today has become internationally famous thanks to the followers of soloing.


This departure is ideal to experience a tour in a Rib-boat while visiting one of the most charming ports of Majorca. We will discover the Port, Calo d’en Busques and Calo d’en Boira, the lighthouse, La Torre d’en Beu and S’Estret des Temps, with its ancient maritime quarries from which sandstone was quarried.

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